Guides for studies

Guides for studies
Hereby you can find guides and descriptions for your studies.


How to download documents from Neptun?

Some of your official university documents are uploaded to Neptun. This is a guide how to check and download them.

Guide - How to download your official documents from Neptun

How to manage my semester?

This guide tries to help with how to manage your semester.

How to choose specialization or minor - general info

BA students has to compelte at least one 50-credit specialisation module during the studies. Read more about it here.

How to choose my specialization or minor?

How to choose specialization or minor - English and American Studies BA

Students of the English and American Studies BA should choose their specializations/minors during their first year. The following guide describes all details of the process.

How to choose my specialization?


Plagiarism is a serious academic issue. Read our guide to avoid plagiarism.

ELTE Faculty of Humanities guide on plagiarism

Using Microsoft Teams with a non-ELTE email address