General Hungarian Language Courses


Eötvös Loránd University offers Hungarian language and culture courses whole academic year, covering all levels* from complete beginner (A1) to proficiency levels (C2) described by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

General Hungarian language courses are held every semester.

Participants of the General Hungarian language courses: Student enrolled at ELTE (e.g., Erasmus students, other exchange students and guest students, and degree-seeking students) and anyone interested (e.g., other non-student expats of Budapest)

*certain level groups are launched only with the minimum number of 5 people

NOTE: This kind of language training neither does entitle one to have an invitation letter (for the visa) to come to Hungary, nor to get a residence permit for study purposes.


Course Length Start date Class numbers Credits CEFR level Tuition fee*





Days per week

Classes per day




General Hungarian language course I.



beginning of each semester




A1, A2, B1, B2, C1*

31 000 HUF**

General Hungarian language course II.



beginning of each semester

1 or 2

4 or 2


A1, A2, B1, B2, C1*

62 000 HUF**

*higher level groups are available only when min 5 participants take the course

Details good to know:

  • One class lasts 45 minutes.
  • CEFR = Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment
  • Please read the course descriptions, select the course type that you want to follow. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the description.
  • Courses start on the third week of each semester so that students have enough time to select the time and day that suits their timetable.
  • Classes will start only with the minimum number of 5 students.


**General Hungarian Language courses I-II. are free of charge for those below:

  • Any incoming exchange students at ELTE (e.g., CEEPUS, Erasmus) if they register for the Hungarian course in Neptun. Registration will be available during the "first-come-first-served" course registration period.
  • Any guest students at ELTE if they register for the Hungarian course in Neptun. Registration will be available during the "first-come-first-served" course registration period.
  • Any students enrolled for a degree program at ELTE (including upper-year Stipendium Hungaricum students; students with the Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People; students with the Hungarian Diaspora Scholarship Programme) if they register for the Hungarian course as an elective (szabadon választható) course in Neptun. Registration will be available during the "first-come-first-served" course registration period.

Non-ELTE applicants:

In case you are none of the above (e.g., you study at a Hungarian higher education other than ELTE) or you are not a higher-education student, the following fees will apply for you:

  • General Hungarian language course I.: 31 000 HUF/semester
  • General Hungarian language course II: 62 000 HUF/semester

The course fee should be transferred until the beginning of the courses.

The bank account / transfer details will be sent via e-mail after registration.

If you are uncertain which category you belong to, please contact us:


⇒ Select the type of language course until the start of the upcoming semester.

ELTE students: Registration will be available via NEPTUN during the "first-come-first-served" course registration period at the beginning of each semester.

Non-ELTE applicants:

Registration for autumn semester usually opens in June via an online form.
Registration for spring semester usually opens in December via an online form.

Registration for 2022/23/1 is open until 28 August 2022.

⇒ Non-students and students who are not registered at ELTE: We will contact you regarding the timetables via email at the beginning of the semester.
The programme coordinator ( will contact you via email.


The General Hungarian language courses are offered during the whole academic year. The 10-11-week-long courses start on the third week of both spring (mid-February) and autumn semester (mid-September), and the curriculum is developed for one or two 90-minute class(es) per week every semester. Students get 3 or 6 ECTS credits (depending on the number of the classes per week) after completing the course successfully.

The aim of the General Hungarian language courses is to improve the four basic language skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing) by applying communicative methods, authentic learning materials, and multimedia tools.


After application, students need to fill in a placement test (if the level is not complete beginner), and based on the test results they are placed into their groups.

During the courses, students receive regular feedbacks and they are evaluated continuously verbally and on paper as well. Each course ends with a written test. In case of a successful test, students attending the course get ECTS credits and a certificate.


You can find here more information about what the references / standards to Hungarian language levels are:

Level  Requirements to start the group at the exact level / Grammar and Vocabulary topics

A1 / 1

Complete beginner


A1 / 2 


  • Introduction / bemutatkozás
  • verbs ending -ul/ül
  • The question „Where?” and prepositions / 
  • hol? (ragok és névutók)
  • Basic inflection in singular / alapragozás egyes számban 
  • Shopping / vásárlás

A2 / 1

Elementary 1.

  • To where / hová?
  • Basic inflection in plural / alapragozás többes számban
  • Plural
  • From where? / honnan?
  • Infinitive / infinitívusz
  • When? / mikor?,
  • Daily routine / napirend
  • Home / otthon, lakás,
  • Travelling / utazás
  • Weather / időjárás
  • Hobbies / hobbik

A2 / 2

Elementary 2.

  • Verbal prefixes (Directive)  / iránytjelölő igekötők
  • The question How? hogyan?
  • Verbs and Modals 'akar, kell, lehet, szabad' + inf.
  • Possessive / birtoklás
  • habeo
  • Transport / közlekedés
  • At the Doctor / Orvosnál
  • School and Work / Professions / tanulás, munka


Pre-Intermediate 1.

  • habeo
  • Definite and Indefinite Conjugation / határozott ragozás
  • past tense / múlt idő felismerése (főleg egyes számban)


Pre-Intermediate 2.

  • birtoktöbbesítő jel  / meg-, el-
  • Past Tense / múlt idő
  • Restaurant / étterem
  • In the city / a városban
  • Free time activities: tours, cinema, theatre
  • Storytelling / történetmesélés,
  • Writing CV



  • formal/informal addressing vous vs. tu  /  maga,
  • Pronouns / egymás
  • Comparatives / fokozás, összehasonlítás
  • Relative clauses / vonatkozó névmás, von. mellékmondat
  • The Imperative / felszólító mód
  • The Conditionals / feltételes mód
  • Infinitive conjunction / főnévi igenév személyragozása
  • Participles / melléknévi igenév
  • személyes névmások ragozott alakjai



  • Reported Speech / függő beszéd
  • felszólító mód funkciói
  • feltételes funkciók
  • alá- és mellérendelő összetett mondatok



  • bővített igeneves szerkezetek
  • műveltetés
  • határozói igenév


Applicants are entitled to a 95% refund of the course fee (5% is non-refundable transfer cost) until the language course starts. To request the refund, applicants are required to send an email with the subject line “Request for refund” to the email address and declare it in the email that they do not come to participate in the language course.