The doctoral program has been in operation since 2008. The research profile of the doctoral program and also the Department of Ancient History, which provides the professional background, is based on ancient inscriptions. These inscriptions are also on which research in the fields of social, military, economic, and religious history is based. The teaching staff place particular emphasis on the problems of social history, since certain aspects of this field can best be addressed with the help of the above-mentioned source material. A particular area of the research is the study of the organization of the Greek polis (confederations and federal states). The workshop's research also covers Greek and Latin epigraphy and the history of ancient historiography.

We particularly welcome students who have previously studied history, Latin or Ancient Greek, and are interested in Greek or Roman history, can analyze sources in Latin and/or Ancient Greek, and are capable of independent research, especially in the fields of Greek and Latin epigraphy, papyrology, social history, and historiography.

The Ph.D. program cooperates with several universities abroad (Vienna, Tübingen) and is constantly seeking to build further links. The presentations of students have been and are being published in individual volumes. Students of the program participate in numerous study trips abroad and international conferences.

Head of the program: György Németh DSc, Professor