Atelier- Interdisciplinary History Doctoral Programme

Atelier- Interdisciplinary History Doctoral Program

The Atelier- Interdisciplinary History Doctoral Program has been part of the Doctoral School of History since its accreditation in 2000.

The social history approach is present in several doctoral programs accredited by the Faculty. It also offers opportunities for young researchers interested in history, particularly by focusing on the approach of the French school of social history, which is at the forefront of world history, alongside the French, but mainly Anglo-Saxon and German, academic influences which are undoubtedly present in other programs. As Atelier is part of the Doctoral School of History, its Ph.D. students can obtain a doctorate in history, but in line with its practice and the French social history tradition, it promotes interdisciplinary approaches (sociology, cultural anthropology, ethnography, philosophy, art history, geography, linguistics, literature) and pays particular attention to historiography, the theoretical and methodological underpinnings of historiography.

Since its foundation, Atelier's doctoral program has seen several students defending their doctoral dissertations and obtaining their doctorates. Many Atelier-affiliated students have pursued doctoral or pre-doctoral studies, mainly in Paris, as well as at other Francophone universities. The students have continued their studies in France, initially on TEMPUS scholarships and then, over the last twenty years, on French government scholarships. Most of them have completed or are currently completing a French doctorate at our partner institution in Paris, the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. Their success is reflected in the French doctorates they have obtained

The formal and substantive requirements and the objectives of the doctoral program are the same as those of the Doctoral School of History. For further information on the details of teaching in France, please contact Gábor Sonkoly.

Head of the Program: Gábor Sonkoly DSc (docteur de l'EHESS), professor