Application form – 29th Summer University of Hungarian Language and Culture 2024

This is a registration form for the 29th Summer University of Hungarian Language and Culture at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest (22 July – 16 August 2024).

Deadline for application: 30 June 2024  15 JULY 2024
Early bird tickets until 31 May 2024

Please, fill in the following form carefully. We are going to send you a confirmation letter with further details as soon as possible. (Please note that the application is accepted only after the tuition fee has been transferred.)

It is required to take an online language proficiency test (we will inform the applicants via e-mail).

If you have further questions, please check our website or contact us

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Participants' personal data will be transferred to the Adult Education Data System in accordance with the privacy notice.)

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We plan to launch an online course for complete beginners at the summer university. Please indicate in the comments if you wish to join the online course.

To finish, please type into the box your e-mail address (We are going to send you the details about the course to the given address)