Choose your specialization(s)/minors now

Choose your specialization(s)/minors now
First-year students of the English and American Studies BA and other BA should choose and register their specializations/minors now.
English and American specializations/minors have to be registered by each first-year student in Neptun. Students of other BA programmes can choose from various minor programmes.

General information

All BA programmes require 180 credits to complete to be able to graduate. The 180 credits must be the ones described in the programmes’ curricula.

Each BA curriculum (study unit list) contains a 50-credit specialisation module. You can choose the 50-credit module in the curriculum, or choose a so called Minor programme. The Minor is a 50-credit package of another study programme.

The specialisations and minors must be started in the 2nd year of the BA studies, except for some programmes (more information on the Faculty website).

Therefore, students must choose the specialisation or minor by the end of the first year, or earlier. The application for the programmes in Neptun is in May-June every academic year.

If you are interested in taking a minor instead of a specialization from your study programme, please check the MINOR PAGE on the Faculty website + contact your international or study coordinators for further discussion.


Neptun is open for specialization registration from 17:00 28 May 2023 until 20:00 CEST 22 June 2023.

To be able to register for any specialisations, first you have to register for 2023/24/1 as Active under the Administration/Enrollment, Registration menu.

The specialisation registration is available in Neptun in the Administration/Module selection menu during the above mentioned period.

If you have a technical problem, please contact your coordinators.

English and American Studies BA

The application for SEAS students has 2 main steps:

  1. You must apply within SEAS if you would like to have one of the following specialisations: English in the Media, English in Business, Film and Culture, English Translation Skills
Application for the 4 differentiated specializations, English in the Media, English in Business, Film and Culture, English Translation Skills, is open in the School of English and American Studies until 20:00 2 June 2023. Please note that you have to apply for these specialisations in the online form of SEAS and in Neptun, too.
  1. Every first-year student has to record in Neptun whether the English or the American specialization was chosen (this choice has already been made, and accepted by SEAS).
  2. a) Students who do a different specialization than the Pick-and-choose have to register for the chosen specialization in Neptun after being accepted by the School of English and American Studies. Check the process of application below.