Being an international student - Intercultural Training

Transitions, communication, well-being

Being an international student - Intercultural Training
We would like to recommend the current Intercultural Training series to you. It consists of 3 connected training events designed for international students studying ELTE and  Hungarian students intending to study abroad, regardless which year of your studies you are in.

You are about to embark on a journey in strange and difficult times. We would like to help you to make the most of the exciting and challenging experience that lies ahead. It’ll be a real venture because you will engage with an unfamiliar country, culture and education system.

Depending on the situation, the workshops will be held face-to-face or online.

Project aims

  • help you understand and cope with the process of cultural transitioning
  • make your cultural and educational experiences sources of learning, insight and personal growth
  • ensure that your psychological and social well-being is guaranteed throughout this time
  • create a small international community that also functions as a support group  

 Workshop dates and times

  • Workshop 1: 23 March  2023 (on campus!)
  • Workshop 2: 13 April 2023 (on campus!)
  • Workshop 3: 18 May 2023 (on campus!)
The workshops start at 14.00 and take until 17:00.


  • Dr. Uwe Pohl, Department of English Language Pedagogy, ELTE, Faculty of Humanities
  • Tamara Schüszler, PhD student

Language of the training: English

Please note: if you apply, it is recommended to participate in all 3 occassions for your own benefit. The workshops are connected, and they are built on each other.