Russian Studies Doctoral Programme

Russian and Soviet History is an elective subject in all university history courses, although only ELTE teaches the whole of Russian history. At the same time, the MAB has adopted a Master's degree program in Russian Studies, which will make it possible to offer a complex course in Russian history, cultural history, and contemporary Russia at MA level in the near future. This could form the basis for a Ph.D. in Russian Studies, which is based on the Department of Historical Russian Studies, which has been the center of Russian Studies research in Hungary since 1995, as a kind of coordinating body. The planned Ph.D. program predominantly focuses on the field of history, but we are also trying to involve History- related and auxiliary disciplines, thus giving the training a multidisciplinary character. In this respect, it will also be innovative by international standards and will be suitable for joint training in the framework of cooperation with workshops on Russian studies in the West and Russia.

Our aim is to train students with Ph.D. degrees who can conduct independent research in the Russian language source, with a special focus on exploring the classical and contemporary regional achievements of historiography. We place particular emphasis on extending our discipline in a multidisciplinary direction.

The Department of Historical Russian Studies has an extensive network of international contacts, mainly through its biannual conferences on Russian Studies. Our regular guests, in addition to colleagues from Russia, are leading American, British, and German Russologists. And since the Hungarian section of the Hungarian-Russian Joint Committee of Historians is chaired by professors from our department, our partners from the Russian side are also the most eminent experts. Accordingly, we intend to invite potential guest lecturers from the Russian academic community (primarily from the Institute of the History of Russia and the Information Centre and Library of Social Sciences) and the professorial staff of leading universities in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

(Assigned) Head of the Program: 

Professor Dániel Bagi DSc
1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 6–8.  2. floor. 236.