Thesis information

Thesis information

Thesis submission

Due to the pandemic situation, the submission of the Thesis in 2021/22/1 happens only electronically, via Neptun system.

Printed Thesis works are NOT required this semester. Thesis can be uploaded to Neptun with the consent given in Neptun by the supervisor in the case of programmes that require the consent.*
Please check the requirements of your study programme.

*The Office of Educational Affairs will send a message about it. It will contain if you need the approval of your supervisor or not. It also describes the practical requirements for the Thesis format. Please check it, and follow the instructions.

Period to upload the Thesis to Neptun: until 20:00 CEST 15 November 2021.

Please be aware of the followings when you submit your Thesis

ELTE Faculty of Humanities guide on plagiarism

1. Check the departmental requirements of the content and formal requirements of the Thesis (scroll down to the bottom of the site, or contact your department of studies).
2. Submit the required number of pages in the required forms.
3. Do not forget to include the Certificate of Research form in all copies, available HERE.
4. Sign the required pages in each copy the following way: e.g. Charlotte Appleton sgnd.
5. Do not forget to upload the Thesis to Neptun.

Guide how to ask the supervisor's approval in Neptun

We suggest that you watch this video, made by the Academic Board, on how to upload your Thesis to Neptun.

Thesis evaluation

The grades and evaluation of your Thesis will be uploaded to Neptun some time after the submission of your Thesis. When it is uploaded, Neptun will send you an automatic system message. Follow the guide how to check the results.

Guide for viewing Thesis evaluation in Neptun