Dissertation guidelines

Dissertation submission guidelines

Dissertation submission guidelines

Prior to the submission of the doctoral dissertation, the doctoral program in charge shall organize an academic meeting (research centre disputation / in-house defense) to evaluate the dissertation. The in-house defense shall take place at least 3 months before the final submission of the dissertation.

The Doctoral Candidate shall defend the doctoral dissertation in a public disputation before an Assessment Committee. The Chair and members of the Assessment Committee are appointed by the doctoral council of the Faculty of Humanities based on the recommendation of the head of the doctoral school.

Submission of the doctoral dissertation

  1. Requesting a DOI identifier via email from the Department of Doctoral and Academic Affairs (varkonyi.alma@btk.elte.hu), for which the name of the doctoral school, the MTMT-identifier, the name of the supervisor and the title of the dissertation is necessary.
  2. The filled and signed declaration form (see Documents) shall be submitted with the dissertation. A printed as well as a pdf version of the declaration form is to be submitted. The declaration form has to be submitted separately from the dissertation, please do not bind this document into the dissertation..
  3. The Doctoral Candidate submits all the necessary documents (see below) to the Department of Doctoral and Academic Affairs.
  4. Within 10 days after the submission, the Department of Doctoral and Academic Affairs uploads the dissertation and the summary in the ELTE Digital Institutional Repository. The dissertation and the summary are not accessible for public until the University Doctoral Council awarded the PhD degree.

Documents to submit

The following documents shall be submitted via email to varkonyi.alma@btk.elte.hu:

  1. The digital (pdf) version of the dissertation
  2. The summary of the dissertation in Hungarian and English (2 pdf's)
  3. List of publications, printed from MTMT, signed by the supervisor (pdf)
  4. Short scientific CV, written in Sg.3 (pdf)
  5. Statement of the supervisor that the dissertation is admissible for public debate
  6. Filled and signed declaration form

One hardcopy of the dissertation as well as the printed and signed declaration form shall be submitted as well (by post or drop-off at the reception of Múzeum krt. 4/A)

Formal criteria for the outside and inside cover design

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