Graduation information

UPDATE: Final Exam dates and boards are published

Graduation information

Final Exam dates and committees

Hereby you can find when and by which board you will take your Final Examination if you graduate this semester. Find your study programme first, click on it, then search for your Neptun code on the list. Good luck with your Final Exam!

BA programmes

MA programmes

Deadline to submit the Thesis: 23:59 CET 23 November 2020

The submission is online ONLY, via Neptun system. 
For the technical guide for uploading Thesis to Neptun click here.

Deadline to hand in the Thesis announcement for those who graduate in 2020/21/2:
16 October 2020

The request can be submitted between 1 October 2020 and 16 October 2020 in Neptun. The Office of Educational Affairs provided with further information about the process of Thesis title submission in a Neptun message. Please follow the instructions in your Neptun message.

For further information/assistance, turn to your student coordinator at the Office of Educational Affairs:
Ms Emese Kertész, undergraduate programme coordinator:
Mr László Főgler, graduate programme coordinator:
Deadline to apply for the Final Examination in 2020/21/1: 2 October 2020
IMPORTANT: Application is online, via Neptun. Administration menu/Requests

Thesis submission

Due to the pandemic situation, the submission of the Thesis in 2020/21/1 happens only electronically, via Neptun system. Printed Thesis works are NOT required this semester. Thesis can be uploaded to Neptun with the consent given in Neptun by the supervisor in the case of programmes that require the consent.* For the technical guide for uploading Thesis to Neptun click here.

Period to upload the Thesis to Neptun: from 2 November until 23:59 CET 23 November 2020

Please be aware of the followings when you submit your Thesis:

1. Check the departmental requirements of the content and formal requirements of the Thesis (scroll down to the bottom of the site, or contact your department of studies).
2. Submit the required number of pages in the required forms.
3. Do not forget to include the Certificate of research form in all copies, available HERE.
4. Sign the required pages in each copy the following way: e.g. Charlotte Appleton sgnd.
5. Do not forget to upload the Thesis to Neptun.

*For students of Film Studies (MA), it is necessary to request the Supervisor’s consent for the submission. For that, click on the button ‘Thesis admission request’ (under Studies > Degree thesis/Thesis application).  You can already take this step, but we suggest that you click on the button until 16 November 2020 the latest, in order to provide your supervisor enough time to give their permission. Note that your supervisor has to see your Thesis first, only after that can they decide if they agree with uploading it.

Thesis evaluation

The grades and evaluation of your Thesis will be uploaded to Neptun some time after the submission of your Thesis. When it is uploaded, Neptun will send you an automatic system message. Follow the guide above how to check the results.

Final Exam period

The final examination period is from the 4th January to the 22nd January 2021, the schedule of the final examination is going to be published until 17th December 2020 the latest. You have to complete all your exams, and receive all your grades maximum 3 days before the Final Exam date. The dates of Final examination will be announced on this webpage.
The Final Examinations will be online via MS Teams.
Acting within the appropriate regulatory framework in the field of education, Eötvös Loránd University’s Epidemiological Operative Coordinating Body created the interim Regulations of Training and Examination (TVSZ) for the distant education period. The document states that “the basic requirement for an oral examination is a simultaneous audio-visual connection between the student and the examiner”. It is your responsibility to guarantee the proper technical requirements from your side. Information on the technical details of the Final Examination is going to be sent later.

Requirements for taking the Final Examination

Pre-degree certificate (absolutorium): all credits completed that are required in your curriculum. You have to complete all your exams, and check if you received all your grades in Neptun maximum 3 days before the Final Exam date. Please note that the Thesis writing seminar, Tutorial seminar, or Consultation regarding your Thesis is also included in the required credit amount if it is listed in your curriculum, therefore you should also receive a grade for it.

Please contact your coordinator at the Office of Educational Affairs via email on the first working day after receiving your last grade in Neptun, and no later than three working days before your Final Examination:

Ms Emese Kertész, undergraduate programme coordinator:
Mr László Főgler, graduate programme coordinator:

Deregistration from the Final Exam is possible until 72 hours prior to the start of the examination. If you would like to deregister, contact your coordinator from your email address recorded in Neptun.

Financial obligations, credit exceeding fee

In case you have any pending payments towards the university, you have to settle the debt 3 days prior to your Final Exam the latest (Academic Regulations Section 81/7). Unless you complete the pending payments, you will not be allowed to take your Final Examination. For more information about finances, please visit:
Guide for Neptun payments:

Please note that the official administrative and service fees are issued mostly by the Office of Educational Affairs (except for dormitory fees, sport course payments, or scholarship paybacks).

Library books

You need to return all books that you have borrowed from the university library three days prior to your Final Exam the latest, otherwise you are not allowed to take the exam (Academic Regulations Section 137/A/2).

Personal data for the degree certificates (diplomas)

This semester there is no opportunity for checking your personal data in person at the offices. This way it is extremely important, and it is an obligation of students (Academic Reg. Section 36/2) to check in Neptun if your personal data is correct: full name, order of your names, birth name, place of birth, date of birth, and your specialisations connected to your study programme.

If  there are changes in your personal data, please report it online (Quaestura website) since your diploma and diploma supplement are generated from Neptun.

Graduation ceremony

A graduation ceremony will be held for the graduates of autumn semester 2020/2021 if the epidemiological circumstances allow with a limited number of participants.
According to the epidemiological circumstances the ceremony will be held only for the graduates without any guests.
Further information will be announced later.

Extension of residence permit, plane tickets, validation of diploma

If you would like to use your Hungarian diploma in your home country or any other country, you have to go through an administrational process in order to validate your degree. You will get the details after your Final Examination.
It is important to plan ahead the extension of your residence permit. The validation process may take 2-3 weeks, so calculate your travel date and extension date like this.

How to make your diploma Apostilled?

Please find detailed graduation information regarding all of our bachelor and master programmes in the "LIST OF STUDY UNITS" documents or in the list below.


School of English and American Studies (SEAS) -- Graduation information

Graduation 2020/21/1

To be able to graduate you must first submit a thesis title (one semester earlier than your final exam)

Dear International Students,

If you’d like to do your final exam this semester (2020 Autumn), please

1) Register for final examination in Neptun until 2 October 2020. Repeated final exams must also be recorded.

  • for BA students ONLY:

Record main topic of final exam until 16th November 2020 (found on the title submission form you submitted last semester or earlier) and chosen subsidiary topic by entering your data HERE

2) Upload your thesis at SEAS website:

(→ studies→ BA→ major→ graduation→ thesis→ submission)

3.) Write and submit your thesis until 16:00 CET 16 November 2020 via Neptun.

Observe the deadlines carefully as you will not be allocated into exam committees!

More information about thesis writing and final examinations:

BA Students:

MA Students:

American studies:

English studies:

Film Studies MA - Graduation information

Please find the Thesis requirements of Film Studies MA here:

Film Studies Thesis Requirements

Please find the Final Exam information of Film Studies MA here:

Final Exam information


Institute of Romance Studies -- Graduation information

Institute of Germanic Studies

Hungarian BA