BUDDY STOP – Instant help from students to students

BUDDY STOP – Instant help from students to students
We encourage our students to help each other.

Are you new to the Faculty? Are you feeling lost or overwhelmed? Can't find the location of your next class, or the administrative offices? Or do you just want a tip about the best spots for lunch between classes? Would you feel better if you could ask your seasoned fellow students for advice? 

Are you someone who likes to help others by giving advice, or words of encouragement? Do you know the whole Campus by heart and can recommend a shortcut to the nearest CopyGuru?

Whichever group you belong to, look for the Buddy Stop sign in the Treffort garden.

We created this spot so that anybody with questions could just stop there and get help from passing fellow students.

The rule is simple: whether you just have a question or feel utterly and completely lost, just stand under the sign. If you see someone standing there, approach them and offer a helping hand.

Don't be afraid to join in, don't shy away from helping, help us show all those around that WE students of this campus are creating the greatest community!

Where? ► On the edge of the Trefort-garden - facing the Gólyavár.

Do you have more complex problems? We provide learning support and individual counselling for our internatinal students. Let's get to know our new service HELP ((Hungarian-language acronym for Hallgatói eredményességet elősegítő program – Programme Aimed at Promoting Student Effectiveness)! More info here