HELP for international students

HELP for international students
HELP (Hungarian-language acronym for Hallgatói eredményességet elősegítő program – Programme Aimed at Promoting Student Effectiveness) is a scheme designed to provide you with information and a supportive environment with a view to helping you achieve your goals in your university studies. HELP is there to assist you by supporting your studies or providing individual counselling from the moment of your enrolment.

learning support

Our learning support scheme provides individual or group assistance with enhancing your studies outside of class. This can involve going deeper in the subject material, interactive processing of the material, or helping you catch up with your studies. Both instructors (academic mentors) and your fellow students (peer mentors) can help you out with your learning.

Please notify the academic mentor of your programme or the head of the Student Body Representatives of your major of your intention to take part in the learning support scheme.

Find your academic mentor! You can search the following table by the name of your programme or institute:

To contact the Student Body Representatives of your major, please visit:

individual counselling

With individual counselling, we aim to find the best methods with which you can be effective in your university studies, or, if needed, the right people to help you get there. But individual counselling doesn’t have to be limited to helping you just with your studies; we also offer professional life counselling or help with tackling any other problems you may be facing.

For English-language consultations, please contact Uwe-Jens Pohl, Dean’s Representative, at:

Hungarian-language consultations are available at:

Please don’t hesitate to contact the HELP student progress team.