Why ELTE Faculty of Humanities?

Why ELTE Faculty of Humanities?
Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) is a pioneering Hungarian public research university based in Budapest.

Founded in 1635, it is one of the culturally most diverse and prestigious institutions of Hungarian higher education. The University boasts five Nobel laureates, as well as winners of the Wolf Prize, the Fulkerson Prize and the Abel Prize. ELTE comprises eight faculties, located in various locations of Budapest, including the scenic banks of the Danube. The Faculty of Humanities (ELTE BTK) is the oldest and most comprehensive faculty of its kind in the country.

  • Absolute first for 10 years in the nationwide rankings
  • Student population numbering 7,000
  • 18 institutes, 71 departments
  • 3 preparatory programs
  • 48 BA programs (9 internation BA programs)
  • 62 MA programs (30 international MA programs)
  • 25 teacher training MA programs
  • 75 PhD programs
  • 70 languages and cultures
  • excellent academic staff
  • sizeable foreign student community


The Faculty of Humanities may be a huge organisation, but it is also a community of close-knit relationships, a family where there’s a place for you as well. You’ll experience the unique atmosphere of this community in our summer camp for fresh students where new relationships are forged. During your studies here other possibilities will be open to you, both related to your programmes and the faculty in general.

Our seminars cater for an individualised forum where you can get to know your instructors better, our university professionals who will help you with your thesis, but may also give you advice on your future career. Some of our programmes offer internship possibilities. You’ll have a chance to make your first steps in your career. If there is a special professional interest that you nurture and would like to explore, our programmes offer specialised workshops that can help you become part of the larger community of professionals affiliated with your studies. Who knows perhaps you’ll advance to a point where you’ll put your teaching skills to the test as well.

“The Faculty has given me a chance to meet people from all walks of life, holding convictions of a thousandfold, all congregating on the premises day after day. Everybody finds their counterpart; no one is cast outside, left on their own. In addition to making friends, you’ll become richer in knowledge, but you’ll also be put to the test.”

(K.Z. BA history major)


In addition to immersing yourself in a particular filed of your studies, you’ll become well versed in skills as diverse as making sense of lengthy texts, of understanding what it takes to be a good negotiator, what you need to do to make your creative ideas work in reality. You’ll also learn the skills to adapt to the changing world, and you’ll also learn what it means to remain flexible, putting all these skills to good use in the outside world. The career paths that our students take are manifold and colourful, the knowledge you’ll acquire here can be relied on in culture, in the world of mass corporations or the creative industry.

“The Faculty is a community which welcomes everybody with open arms. I like being part of the community because it is like coming home. The teachers, as well as the students, offer comfort at all times. I’m a proud member of this Faculty, and do not shy away from saying this aloud.”

(K.A. English-Media MA student)

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