Coaching and counselling options

Coaching and counselling options
Is coaching or counselling for you? 
Yes, if you want to connect with yourself more consciously:
  • if you have an area in your life you want to improve on it is just not easy to take the first steps;
  • if you have an issue (life- or university-related) you want to solve but you feel stuck

Please check the available options for coaching below.

If you are interested, please contact Ms Hanna M. SZILI coach for individual coaching:

The group coaching sessions will be published occassionally by email and on other platforms with separate registration.

Individual 1 to 4 session counselling

1 to 4 session counselling

As you know, ELTE BTK provides help with mental health issues, blocks, anxieties as well as a mentoring program to strengthen your skills in studying and helping you deal with the system and requirements of Hungarian education system.

You have to keep in mind, that I am only the first step – though the biggest you have made when asking for help! – and I’m here to listen to and understand your needs. What I can help with is to hold your hand until we find the best way to get you professional help.

Counselling, provided by ELTE BTK HELP (and by me) is basically the first step to identfy your blockages and find you the best type of help and helper either inside ELTE’s own psychological therapist team or outside with an independent professional.

What can you expect from the one-session counselling?

  • 50 min counselling session
  • Identifying your difficulties and needs
  • Counselling according to your need
  • Professional guidance for stress or crisis management
  • Informing you about your options for further support in ELTE HELP according to your needs
  • Informations about mental health care systems outside of ELTE if needed

What can you expect if you need more than one occasion?

  • Identifying your difficulties and needs
  • Support to find your way to professional ELTE psychologists
  • 3, maximum 4 occasions (50 min each) of counselling until you wait for your professional ELTE psychologist with whom you can start a longer cooperation
  • Crisis intervention, supporting you find the fastest way to receive professional help

Group sessions, Psychology Workshops

Group sessions/ Psychology Workshops

Group sessions have their strength – no suprise – in the power of community. Opening up or working with others in a group may feel stressful first, but is a great opportunity to get fedback from your peers, to feel you are not alone with neither your difficulties nor your joyous experiences. Group sessions also provide safe space where you can discuss topics you otherwise wouldn’t, or make friends with those whom you otherwise wouldn’t have met.

Group sessions mainly focus on strengthening inter- and intrapersonal skills; just as dealing with stress and procrastination, managing or at least understanding the source of emotional instability, and learning some mindfulness and cognitive strategies which might provide quick help in need. For the creative minds, I also provide an insigt to art therapy, and how you can work on self-knowledge in your free time.

Group sessions

  • 120 min each with 10-15 min break.
  • On every session, I’m available for a little longer if you had anything to discuss personally about your experiences in the group

Dates and venue of Psychology Workshops

  • 21 March 17:30 - 19:30, Trefort campus main building, 3rd floor room 318. - Procrastination and Executive functions
  • 19 April 16:00-18:00, Trefort campus main building, 3rd floor room 318., Grievance Session - Problem solving and Assertive communication
  • 17 May 15:00 - 17:00, Trefort campus main building, 3rd floor room 318. - Body and Mind connections - the importance of physical health during the exam period
  • 15 June 11:00-18:00 Hármashatár Hill - Ecotherapy trip