2020/21 in a combination of both in person and online classes

2020/21 in a combination of both in person and online classes
In the autumn semester of the AY 2020/21 ELTE is planning for hybrid education consisting of both in person and online courses, as well as a combination of these within any course. The faculties of the University are free in making their own decisions with the framework of hybrid education that best suit their programmes and structural specificity.
ELTE has the welfare of its students at heart, so those who are at risk for any reason may request to complete their courses exclusively online within this hybrid system. For those who are not at risk and are able to undertake the courses in person
wearing a mask and observing social distancing will be a must.
The online courses may be synchronous (happening in real time) and asynchronous (not requiring instructors and students to be present at the same time). The details of this will be set by the course instructors.
The interim Study Regulations (TVSZ in Hungarian) on hybrid education mainly cover the study period of the semester, the regulations applying to the exam period will be made known later during the semester.
General online education will only be declared at the University in case of a state of epidemiological emergency as regulated by the government.
The special provisions of the Study Regulations applying to the autumn semester of the AY 2020/21 is also accessible in English.

Type of instruction: according to the special Academic Regulation for Students following types of instruction will be possible:

1. Present (face to face) course
2. Completely online course
2.1 synchronous online course (according to timetable, but online)
2.2 asynchronous online course (not in the real time of the timetable)
3. Combined course (both present and online)
3.1 Present and synchronous online course
3.2 Present and asynchronous online course