Graduation information

Graduation information
Deadline to hand in the Thesis announcement paper for those who graduate in 2019/20/2: 16:00 16 October 2019
Thesis announcement paper is available on the Faculty website (Current students/Document database). You have to submit the form at your student coordinator at the Department of International Affairs.
Deadline to apply for the Final Examination in 2019/20/1: 6 October 2019
IMPORTANT: Application is online, via Neptun. Administration menu/Requests
Deadline to hand in the Thesis: 14.00 15 November 2019
Please bring 2 copies of the Thesis receipt form with you. Download the form
The dates of Final examination will be announced around the end of November/beginning of December.
For necessary information on the Thesis requirements and Final Examination topics, please contact your department of studies.

Thesis submission

Please be aware of the followings when you submit your Thesis:

1. Check the departmental requirements of the formal requirements of the Thesis.
2. Submit the required number of copies in the required forms.
3. Do not forget to include the Certificate of research form in all copies.
4. Sign the required pages in each copy.
5. Bring two of the Thesis receipt forms when you submit (form is available above).
6. Do not forget to include a CD or DVD if it is required.
7. Do not forget to upload the Thesis electronically, if your department requires it.

Thesis evaluation

The grades and evaluation of your Thesis will be sent to you by your coordinator as soon as the Department of International Affairs receives the results from the departments.

Final Exam period

The Final Exam period is from 3 January until 22 January. You have to complete all your exams maximum 3 days before the Final Exam date.

Degree certificate sample and Pre-degree certificate

If you already have the pre-degree certificate (i.e. our colleagues have checked in the system that you have completed all required subjects), please visit the Department of International Affairs in December, before the Christmas Holidays.
If you are still an active student, you must visit the Department of International Affairs on the first working day after receiving your last grade and no later than three working days before your final examination. You will be able to sign the degree certificate sample and have the pre-degree certificate in Neptun at the same time.

Financial obligations

In case you have any outstanding payments toward the university, you have to settle the debt until the day of signing the degree certificate sample; otherwise you will not be able to take your final examination. More information please find here.

Library certificate

You need to return all books that you have borrowed from the university library until three days before your final exam. In addition, you need to fill in a library certificate stating that you have no books from the library in your possession and take it to the Department of International Affairs in person. The form is available here.

Graduation ceremony

The planned date of the graduation ceremony is 12th February 2020. Please save the date. Students will be assigned to graduation ceremonies after the final examination. You will receive a formal invitation from the Department of International Affairs by e-mail after your Final Exam, at the end of January/beginning of February.

Extension of residence permit, plane tickets, validation of diploma

If you would like to use your Hungarian diploma in your home country or any other country, you have to go through an administrational process in order to validate your degree. You will get the details after your Final Examination.
It is important to plan ahead the extension of your residence permit. The validation process may take 2-3 weeks, so calculate your travel date and extension date like this.

School of English and American Studies (SEAS) -- Graduation information

Graduation 2019/20 Autumn

To be able to graduate you must first submit a thesis title (one semester earlier than your final exam)

Dear International Students,

If you’d like to do your final exam this semester (2019 Autumn), please

 1) Register for final examination in Neptun until 6th October.
Repeated final exams must also be recorded.

  • for BA students ONLY:

Record main topic of final exam until 15th November (found on the title submission form you submitted last semester or earlier) and chosen subsidiary topic by entering your data here:

2) Upload your thesis at SEAS website:

(→ studies→ BA→ major→ graduation→ thesis→ submission)

3.) Write and submit your thesis until 15th November at the International Office:
Self-paying BA and MA students’ coordinator: Ms. Katalin Szabó (Múzeum krt. 4. building „A”, groundfloor 45.)
Stipendium Hungaricum students’ coordinator: Mr. Rezső Jarmalov (Múzeum krt. 4. building „A”, groundfloor 45.)

Observe the following deadlines carefully as you will not be allocated into exam committees!

More information about thesis writing and final examinations:

BA Students:

MA Students:

American studies:

English studies:

Please download the document here.