Coronavirus information regarding the PhD studies

The latest information about the emergency is available
and here:

  1. Obligation to stay away from all University buildings
    The Rector of Eötvös Loránd University has ordered that the students are obliged to stay away from all university buildings from 12 March 2020. 12-13 March 2020 is rectoral break for all students, the spring brake was rescheduled to16-20 March 2020. Until contrary measures, Eötvös Loránd University
    continues its educational activities in the form of distance education from 23 March 2020. 
  2. Personal customer service 
    No personal customer service will be held for students from 12th March 2020. We ensure electronic administrative service for the students during office hours.
    Availabilities:  The forms regarding doctoral studies should be submitted via e-mail. The e-mail should include all the necessary attachments. In some cases (like the canceling of the student status) the forms should be submitted as a NEPTUN request.
  3. Distance Education
    The educational activities continue in the form of distance education. The courses can be organised using online and distance learning tools and methods
    (file sharing, consultation using skype, e-learning tools, reports in written form etc.); the tutors and supervisors shall determine the exact conditions. The doctoral students are obliged to continue their research activities and to participate in the distance learning. 
  4. Comprehensive Examination (For Students beginning Ph.D. studies 2016 of later)
    Applying for the comprehensive examination is only possible online until the 3rd of April 2020.
    Due to the coronavirus emergency, the deadline for the two author's sheets paper has been extended. The suggested deadline is still 3rd of April, but the final deadline is 30 days before the comprehensive examination.
    The Department of Doctoral and Academic Affairs shall be notified about the date of the comprehensive examination no later than May 15, 2020. More information about the exam and the application process:  If the state of emergency is still in place during the 2020 summer exam period, skype or any other online video platform can be used during the comprehensive examination.​​​​​​
  5.  Applying for the doctoral procedure (for students beginning Ph.D studies 2015 or earlier) 
    Applying for the doctoral procedure is only possible online by sending every necessary document via email. More information:  
  6. Comprehensive examination (For students beginning Ph.D studies 2015 or earlier) 
    During the sate of emergency, the comprehensive examinations shall be postponed or held via skype (or any other online platform).
  7.  Application for doctoral procedure (For students beginning Ph.D studies 2016 or later
    Students completing their absolutorium in the new 2+2 years system should apply for the doctoral procedure by filling the application form
    and sending it with the attachments (regulated by KDSZ 33§) via e-mail. The form is available here:
  8. House Defence
    During the sate of emergency, we recommend the house defences to be postponed. If the house defence can not be postponed, it shall be held via skype (or any other online platform) and / or the comments, reviews shall be available for every member of the committee in written form.
    When organising the house defence, one should follow the regulations and the guidelines of the Doctoral School and the Doctoral Program.
    Minutes of the in house defence shall be sent to the Department of Doctoral and Academic Affairs via e-mail (
  9. Dissertation Submission
    For the necessary documents and deadlines please follow the guidance on our website:
    During the time of the emergency every document shall be submitted via e-mail ( After the emergency, one hardcopy of the dissertation shall be submitted as well. 
    Please be aware of the submission deadline!
  10. Doctoral Disputation
    During the time of the emergency, we suggest that all doctoral public disputations shall be postponed. If a disputation cannot be postponed, it is to be carried out by means of an electronic device/platform providing simultaneous audio and video transmission (we suggest using Microsoft Teams which is supported by ELTE). During videoconference disputations, at least 5 members of the evaluation board (including the chairman and one reviewer) shall be present. The Faculty can not provide electronic devices, the candidate has to make sure that enough devices are available for the disputation.
  11. Validation of the student card
    In accordance with §6., section (1),of the Act 81 of 2020, student cards with the former sticker continue to stay valid during this period and for 15 days after the emergency ends.