Exam registration, exam period

Practical information for the exam period of 2022/23/2

Exam registration, exam period
The exam period is from 29th May 2023 to 15th July 2023
  • This semester the exams are performed with presence.
Application for exams* is open from 17th May 2023 in Neptun system. From this date until 15th July 2023 you are able to register for or deregister from exams.

*The exams of the Exam period are for getting grades for the lecture type (HUN: kollokvium) subjects.

Practical classes are graded on the basis of the seminar performance (seminars end in the study period).

Neptun guides for registration

Please note the following

  • Based on their performance throughout the semester, the instructor may offer the Student a grade (offered grade=Megajánlott jegy). The offered grades can be accepted/rejected in Neptun until the 3rd week of the Exam period. Student can only accept an offered grade if they have not registered for an exam. (Further info: Academic Regulations Section 68/B)
  • Registration for exams grading the lectures is obligatory. Without a valid registration neither the exam, nor the course can be completed (except for the case above). Recording the grade in Neptun is possible only with a valid exam date.
  • You can register for or deregister from an exam up to 24 hours before the day of the exam.
  • Within an exam period, you can have a maximum of 2 attempts to complete a particular exam.
  • You can register for the exam only if the limit of students is not full.
  • If you cannot participate in an exam you have registered for, you should drop the exam up to 24 hours before the exam date, or give/send a certificate of the reason of your absence to the examiner or to the department of studies putting also the Department of International Affairs to copy. This way, it can be a ‘justified absence’ from the exam. If you do not send the certificate, this missed exam attempt will count towards the attempts for that particular exam. Note that ‘justified absence’ from exam has to be ‘ticked’ in Neptun by your instructor/coordinator before you register for the next date.
  • If you miss an exam date without a certificate or dropping the exam, you will have a ‘not appeared’ status which has a fine of 3500HUF/missed exam.
  • Please be aware: the latest exam date is always the retake (3rd or further date). The retake cannot be your first exam date! If you take an earlier date, but drop it, you will not be able to take the retake date either. The retake date is only available if you have received a grade during the exam period: either Fail or any other you want to change. A failed exam can be re-attempted for every exam. The maximum number of attempts at a non-failed exam (= a grade better than a fail/1) is one (1) for the entire semester (for an exam of your choice).
  • If you do not fail an exam, but you are not satisfied with the grade, you can take the given exam again during the Exam period. However, take into consideration that always the 2nd grade is valid. If it is worse than the 1st, you cannot take the exam anymore, you will receive the worse grade.
  • Have your ID card/student card/passport/residence permit with you at the exam, because the examiner can ask for identification before starting the exam.
If you have a complaint regarding your grade or results of the exam, you can submit an official complaint in Neptun system for 7 days after the exam period (16:00 15th July to 17:00 22nd July 2023). Any grade problems or complaints after this period will be rejected.

Requests to the Educational Committee

If you have courses that you take 3rd or more times this semester, prepare for the exams properly, and try to pass anyway. Another course registration MUST be allowed by the Educational Committee for the next semester, and the permission is not granted.

If you fail one or more of the above mentioned courses, you have to submit a request to the Educational Committee until 16.00 17th July 2023 by email to your coordinator, Ms Emese Kertész (kertesz.emese@btk.elte.hu) at the Office of Educational Affairs.

Before submitting the request, it is recommended to consult with your coordinators.

Without a request, you are going to be expelled at the end of the semester!

Exam regulations

Read for further information on exam rules:
Academic Regulations for Students: Section 67-74 + Section 65, part 6; 72/A, 72/B

Payment obligations & liabilities

Please note that if you have unpaid fees in Neptun system (sport course, late registration fee, dormitory, etc.), you are not allowed to register for your exams.

Guide for Neptun payments

Check the important dates and deadlines of the following period

Academic calendar

For students who would like to complete their studies this semester

If you graduate this semester, please check our page for graduating students, and follow all instructions there.

If you do not graduate this semester, but finish all the courses of your curriculum, you have to contact your coordinator at the Office of Educational Affairs, Ms Emese Kertész, to check your progress and set the pre-degree certificate in Neptun system. If you achieve it, you do not have to pay a tuition fee for the following semesters until you graduate.


Should you have any questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact your coordinators.

Good luck for your exams!